Of course.. [EN]


Of course. That´s how we always do it. We just try to do our best in critique, but don´t really take time to observe and skip over some important facts. You can be original. You can take 1 step more than the others in order to take your photo. And I´ve been watching so many pictures taken by professional photographers, and you´d be surprised to see how many of them have a lot of errors in their photos. But people love them. And people will pay a lot of money to have some pics taken by one of those big photographers, and they don´t really care about the errors. We criticize, because people want us to criticize their work. Always in a constructive way. But I see things one way, and you might see them another completely different way. And it doesn´t really matter. Because I tell you what I think about your photo – I say that I like the pose of the couple, that I love light and everything, but I might like them to appear both in the picture. You might just want her to be there, and only let me see half of the boys´face. It always will depend on the person who´s watching. Do people care about how un-retouched is the neck of a girl in a photo that appears in magazines and other stuff like that ? why would they care?! she has such a beautiful face!… Well I might care, because I know that every single time I do something that´s “a bit wrong” I tend to hesitate before uploading it and finally I will not upload it to my flickr/blog etc. because of the imperfection of it. We should all let that kind of ideas go and just embrace our own and our own style. Of course, there comes the idea of photography as art and “lots of photography” that have nothing to do with it . If you´re not ignorant, you should know when your pictures go beyond ordinary and when you should try to do more than “photography”.



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