2011? Bring It ON!

I don´t know why, but I just feel that 2011 has so many new things to bring, that I am eager to step forward and experience every single moment of the year. It might be difficult, it might be cool, it might be like a dream, or it might just be a totally boring year. I don´t care. I´m waiting for it to see what will happen.

I lived for about 18 years in a country where every single New Year´s Eve was white. Filled with snow. That kind of snow that cracked under your feet. And I miss the feeling that it gave me. And the first day and night of snow, when I couldn´t sleep because I couldn´t take my eyes off the window, watching the snowflakes. Bigger or smaller, they always found their way to the earth.

Now, on the other hand, is different. It never snows here. You never see that extreme happiness when you go outside and everyone wishes you to have a happy new year, and everyone smiles and is happy. We all had problems, but that day, like Christmas day, was filled with magic. I lived in a small city, but at 11:59 it used to feel like the biggest city in the world, because we could light the sky with our fireworks. It looked like we used our forces all in one and lighted it. Just like that. I would like to see the same atmosphere here. But I don´t think it will ever happen.

I was talking to my brother a few hours ago and he told me that their temperature there was -7ºC! Believe it or not, that´s a cool weather, literally.


But I loved this year, and I feel positive about anything. I never have any kind of resolutions for the next year, because there are so many situations and ideas to take in account. That´s why I can´t say if my 2010 resolutions and wishes were fulfilled.

I wish you all a happy new year! You might have a rough year, but imagine that January 1st is a door to a new life, filled with joy and good feelings. It might warm your heart. Be happy. Give love. It´s a new chance for you to be yourself.




  1. hmm, nu a fost cel mai minunat an 2010, dar sa nu ne plangem putea fi si mai rau. Da 2011 aduce speranta, nu stiu de ce dar toata lumea si din jurul meu simte asta. Asa ca da da da da da yes man, da da da da sanatate, bucurie, lumina si intelepciune restul noi oameni le facem.

    LA MULTI ANI !!! tuturor oamenilor


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